About Us

Tile By Me tile and ceramic company was established in 1999 with the aim of producing and distributing high quality products and leading provider of the best and up to date designs in ceramic and tiles in Asia. TileByMe group has always been trying to satisfy customers in the construction industry and for this purpose has created a very high diversity in its products to meet all needs and cultures.

Tile By Me has always tried to work with the best experts in the field of design and graphics to keep pace with Spanish and Italian factories. The R&D team also constantly seek to improve the quality of all services and products in the company so that we can fulfill the slogan “Create Your Ideas, I Have Many Tiles for Your Idea.” Integrity in sales and customer orientation is one of the most important goals of the company and full support, even in the installation process, is one of the duties of the support team.

TileByMe is proud to produce 4 brands in the field of ceramic & tiles that CLASSIC (Apadana factory), BESTTILE (Alvand factory), LUXMY (Alvand factory) and LARIS (Aghigh factory) by our experienced specialists and designers. We also have a representative of a Spanish company called Cero Cuarenta and an exclusive representative of Fakhar Rafsanjan and Lotus brands in Tehran. It makes us proud that with the help of unity among all our employees, we have been able to become the most complete store in the field of ceramic tiles in Iran.

For the first time in the Iranian ceramic & tile industry in 2021, TileByMe granted the franchise representation of its chain stores to other cities. We currently have more than 120 sales agents in Tehran and other cities in Iran and distributes products to stores throughout Iran.

TileByMe started exporting its products to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia and Syria and the Persian Gulf in 2010 and was selected as one of the top Iranian exporters of ceramic tile industry in 2012 and 2013. Due to this, we are proud to export Iranian high-quality ceramic & tiles to homes of other nationalities.


Awarding the first representative of the ceramic tile franchise in Iran

Founding of the fourth production brand owned by TileByMe with the brand name of JAGUAR TILE



Resumption of cooperation with Naein Tile Factory

Production of 100 × 100 cm nano-polished slabs in cooperation with Alvand factory as the second producer of large size ceramic in Iran



Started cooperation with the Spanish company Cero Cuarenta as a representative

Started cooperation with Fakhar and Rafsanjan Berelian Factory as the exclusive representative in Tehran province



Founding of the third production brand owned by TileByMe with the brand name of BESTTILE in cooperation with Alvand factory

Start of cooperation in distribution with Lotus tiles in Tehran



Elhami Group brand change to
 TILE BY ME ceramic tiles

Establishment of the second brand belonging to Elhami Group with the brand name of LARIS in collaboration with Aghigh Factory



Founding of the CLASSIC brand in cooperation with Apadana factory as the first production brand belonging to Elhami Group

Starting the exclusive representation of Naein tile in Tehran and Alborz for 8 years



Cooperation with European factories and representation of Venus tiles and Spanish Mijares in Iran for 6 years

Started cooperation with Shimi-Sakhteman Company until today as a representative of Tehran province



Started cooperation with Shirkouh Yazd Granite Factory and Saman Tile for 4 years

Started cooperation with Kavir Tile Factory in Yazd for 5 years



Founding of Elhami Group Trading Company